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Grape Lemonade Martini – September’s Martini

Published by: Kathy

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Just stick a straw in it and call it grape soda!

While doing some research for my Martini Monday blog post, at the local Total Wine liquor store, (Sadly, I love strolling the isles and and looking at all the pretty bottles.) I became intrigued and entranced by the hundreds of flavored vodka offerings.  While there is no excuse for some of the ridiculous flavors available, (e.g.: Cotton Candy, Gummy, Root Beer, Frosting, Cupcake, Bacon, etc.) there are some flavors that could really add a different twist to or enhance your favorite cocktails.  Nestled among the fruit varieties, was Grape vodka.  There were several brands available, but I won’t lie, the one I settled on was the prettiest shade of lavender.  I just knew it would make a beautiful girly-girl cocktail and I wasn’t disappointed!

My Grape Lemonade Martini, tasted more like grape soda, than grape lemonade…However, don’t be fooled by the comparison to adoloescent refreshments…This grape soda is all grown up and packs a punch!


Grape Lemonade Martini

  • 2  oz. grape vodka
  • 1/2  oz. triple sec
  • 1/2  oz. sour mix
  • 1  oz.  lemon-lime soda  (you can add an extra ounce, if you like)

Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and gently stir for a few seconds, long enough to give it a good chill.  (You don’t want to shake this cocktail, because it contains lemon-lime soda, and when shaken,  it will end up all over your counter, instead of inside your glass.)  Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a slice of lemon.


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